child-proof window

ASL Locksmiths were called to install a child safety window restrictor in an upper floor window in Hove. We secured the bespoke metal window with a British standard Jackloc restrictor, a heavy-duty restrictor tested and passed in 3 key British standards: static load test, impact test, and percussion test.

Window restrictors are locks that limit the window openings only up to 100mm width, preventing any openings that may lead to accidental or intentional falls from upper floor windows. These security fittings are not required but are highly advisable if you’re living on upper floors with children or the elderly.

Do you want to ensure your family’s safety from a potential accident with high windows? ASL Locksmiths can help you install child-proof window restrictors for your home. We are specialists in supplying and installing an extensive range of security solutions like locks, door closers, and door replacements. Contact us now and we’ll respond to you quickly.

best locksmith brighton three best rated award ASL

Recently, ASL Locksmiths Brighton has been awarded by Three Best Rated® as one of the top three best locksmiths in Brighton, UK for 2021.

Three Best Rated® features the top 3 best-rated local tradesmen selected based on their 50-point inspection. Their criteria cover 50 points under the major categories; business history, locksmith services, images of workmanship, operating hours, social media, website, awards, customer service & reviews.

In their inspection report, ASL Locksmiths Brighton scored 8/10 for acknowledgments, 9/10 for workmanship photographs, complete business information, contact details, genuine ratings, accuracy & depth of reviews, social media, website standard, and 10/10 for business hours, service description, and location proximity.

We are proud of our feedback and want to thank our customers for taking the time to give their feedback, this boosts our passion and commitment to providing top-tier customer service and quality work in lock replacements, lockouts, master keying, UPVC door & window repairs, locksmith repossession, and other security solutions.

For lock-related emergencies, our locksmith service is available 24 hours a day.

Do you need help with upgrading security? We offer a 20% discount off for all health staff and British personnel. Contact us now!

euro barrel cylinder

ASL Locksmiths were called to install locks in a number of new homes on a building site near Brighton’s seafront. We replaced old locks and installed 21 thumb-turn operated Euro cylinder barrels. We then collected the discarded locks to be properly recycled.

Thumb-turn operated Euro cylinder barrels allow locking the door from one side, perfect for doors that require controlled access on one side and easy access on the other.

Depending on your door and security needs, we can supply and fit the right locks correctly for your property. ASL Locksmiths have extensive experience with lock installation for commercial customers who often require many locks and keys to cut onsite.

We are sub-contractor locksmiths for building/construction sites, office blocks, industrial units, shops in the Brighton & Hove area. Our trusted team will travel further in Sussex for substantial commercial jobs.

PIR LED light

ASL Locksmiths installed a PIR-activated security floodlight with three lamps, outdoors using a pre-existing power supply.

PIR (Passive Infrared) LED floodlights are installed outdoors to enhance the level of security for homes and properties. The sensors will detect changes in temperature and radiation levels within their field of view. The lights will be activated the instant a person is detected.

The lights produced by these outdoor security lights deter burglars, trespassers as they don’t like to be identified. The PIR sensors can be connected to your home security system, so you would be notified of any irregular activity outside your property.

Call ASL Locksmiths Brighton for a quick security light installation. We also install full home security solutions in addition to our locksmith services. Contact us now!

outdoor security lightPIR LED light

asl builders brighton featured

Introducing ASL Builders Brighton

We are very happy to introduce ASL Builders Brighton. Jon (ASL Locksmiths) will be working with Mark and his team of builders and tradesmen on property maintenance and end of tenancy repairs for landlords and home owners in Brighton & Hove. Mark and his team have a great local track record for more than 10 years building extensions, loft conversions and interior alterations to UPVC window and door replacements all the way down to small maintenance jobs.

Jon brings his excellent service record for locksmith and property maintenance work. Mark’s building business has grown from local referrals based on quality of workmanship and fair quotes.

ASL builders undertake kitchen upgrades, new bathrooms, roof skylight windows and alot of renovation work. They work with home owners, and landlords as well as the commercial side such as shop interior alterations in the Brighton Laines and city centre.



From the local brighton building services team. Contact them today to discuss building works to your home and let us add value and keep your investment maintained.

ASL Builders Brighton Services

asl building services

Image bottom: Skylight windows and building a home extension. New kitchen installation all by the ASL Builders team 

fire rated door closer

ASL Locksmiths Brighton supply and install commercial fire-rated door closers & emergency handles. Here is one of the two units we installed on a fire-rated door in a Brighton office.

Fire-rated door closers automatically close doors thus sealing off to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. These devices operate on internal springs, cylinders, and valves that adjust the closing of the door.

In selecting a door closer:

  • close the door from any angle it may be opened
  • covered by the European standard EN 1154
  • compliant to EN 1155 (if it is controlled by electromagnetic function)
  • CE marked

Do you need help with installing fire-rated door closers? ASL Locksmiths have supplied and installed door closers for many commercial clients. We can also help you with fire door hinge repairs.

UK Government commercial office fire regulations

Learn more about our sister company LBP fire door closer service or our other locksmith jobs.

fire rated door closer fire-rated door closer

deadlock fresh fit

Our team went to a home in Brighton and installed fresh fit Union strongbolt deadlocks. We supplied two keyed alike deadbolt locks to be operated by the same key for user convenience.

The Union strongbolt deadlock we used is kitemarked to British Standard 3621:2007 and approved for high security applications. It is anti-pick and is equipped with hardened steel pins to prevent attacks from sawing. This lock also features a chamfered bold design that increases the durability of the lock.

Deadbolt locks are ideal for high-security solutions, thanks to their unique lock mechanism. A deadbolt lock works without spring and can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder using a key or knob turn. This makes it anti-pick, unlike spring pin lock mechanisms.

Compared to standard locks, deadbolt locks:

  • Offer stronger resistance and cannot be pried with crowbars and lock picking tools
  • Have a unique lock mechanism, making them sturdy against forceful physical attacks
  • Are challenging and time-consuming to break so burglars would think twice about breaking in or else they’ll be caught in time

ASL Locksmiths can help you upgrade the security of your home/property. Learn more about our locksmith jobs


deadbolt lock fresh fit

deadbolt lock

lock change

deadlock fresh fit



deadlock barrel

ISEO Lock Installation in Brighton

Our services were called to a home in Brighton to refit a deadlock. For the entrance door with a wooden frame, we supplied a high-security Euro cylinder-operated deadlock. We used ERA and an ISEO half euro barrel.

The ISEO thumbturn cylinder we installed is a standard shape cylinder, meaning it is compatible with many multi-point locking systems, the complete range of Euro profile and Euro profile mortice locks.

The thumbturn makes it easy to turn, lock, and unlock. It provides added security from the inside, it’s smooth and strong, making it a great choice.

Our lockfit is perfectly flush, so no need for an extra step of caulking or sealing.

Check out our previous jobs to see what we can do for you. We do residential and commercial locksmith services.

deadlock barrel
mortice lock
mortice lock


push button codelock

ASL Locksmiths assisted with a court-ordered eviction in Brighton. Fortunately, the property was abandoned so we gained entrance easily with locksmith tools. We supplied and fitted a codelocks mechanical push button codelock unit and a Brenton bolt/pull handle to the garden gate.

An eviction entry is always unique. The level of security varies for each property.  From the outside, you can see the locks that guard the building’s door but it’s possible there are additional locks inside.

When doing repossession eviction entry, we conduct a full-risk assessment on the property and occupants to keep operation safe and efficient.

We make repossessions operations smooth by:

  • Communicating closely with the bailiff.
  • Bringing a wide range of non-destructive tool sets including high-specialist manual and electric lock picking tools.
  • Heavy entry tool set for highly-secured doors
  • Replacing old locks with new locks, keys and chains

We are experienced in locksmithing and  property repossession / eviction entry. We are open to contact from baliff’s and solicitors. 

eviction door entry

property repossession inside

rear garden lock

door handle

mechanical push button codelock

UPVC Hinge Replacement Woodingdean

We had a call from a customer in Woodingdean today who explained that he could not open or close the upstairs window properly. We found the hinges had failed. The original installer had used the incorrect stack height (size), this resulted in excess strain and the subsequent failure of the hinge. ASL replacing failed uPVC window hinges.

Here’s another work from ASL Locksmiths in Brighton. It’s a British standard deadlock and sash lock.

We see British standard locks in front and back doors in homes. They’re also in landlord locks and rental property locks.


When you have a British standard lock installed, you get peace of mind because:

– Your doors are thief-resistant and your security is up to standard.

– These locks are already tested against Burglary techniques like drilling and picking.

– They follow your insurance policy. Most of them need this standard as the bare minimum.


Here’s how to tell if your locks are British standard:

– You see the British Standard kitemark. It’s the logo that looks like a heart.

– You see the British Standard number BS3621 stamped below the kitemark. 

You can see the kitemark and the number are visible in the picture.


If you want to have secure locks for your rental properties or your home, contact ASL Locksmiths now!