child-proof window

ASL Locksmiths were called to install a child safety window restrictor in an upper floor window in Hove. We secured the bespoke metal window with a British standard Jackloc restrictor, a heavy-duty restrictor tested and passed in 3 key British standards: static load test, impact test, and percussion test.

Window restrictors are locks that limit the window openings only up to 100mm width, preventing any openings that may lead to accidental or intentional falls from upper floor windows. These security fittings are not required but are highly advisable if you’re living on upper floors with children or the elderly.

Do you want to ensure your family’s safety from a potential accident with high windows? ASL Locksmiths can help you install child-proof window restrictors for your home. We are specialists in supplying and installing an extensive range of security solutions like locks, door closers, and door replacements. Contact us now and we’ll respond to you quickly.