Tenant lock change

A tenant can change the locks on a rental property but ASL Locksmith and Security Solutions recommend checking your Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST) which will specify the responsibilities in respect of locks.

If you have consent ASL locksmiths are able to provide a cost effective replacement lock service. Students and OAP’s can take advantage of our 15% discount. We will ensure that a new lock is provided with keys for all parties that need access to the building as well as the Landlord.

When should landlords change locks ? 

Landlords are not legally required to change locks after each tenancy, The National Landlords Association suggest that ‘in respect of keys and security a landlord has a responsibility to provide a reasonable degree of security.’

What sort of locks should a landlord fit?

At ASL Locksmith and Security Solutions we recommend the use of specialist keys with serial numbers these cannot be cut in traditional ‘key cutting’ shops and provide an extra level of security for tenants and landlords alike. However these locks (and the keys) are expensive so it may be more cost effective to look at an alternative. Our experienced locksmith can advise on the sort of lock would suit your security requirements and budget.

Is a landlord entitled to enter my property when I am not there?

A tenant is entitled to ‘live without interference from the landlord’ – if the tenant chooses not to live in the flat for a while but is still legally theirs the landlord does not have the right to go in and change the locks. If a landlord does this and the tenant is no longer able to gain entry because the locks have been changed the tenant could take out an injunction to get back into the property. However if a landlord needs to gain entry for other reasons (such as having to carry out emergency repairs like gas or water leaks) and changes the locks providing the tenant with a new key – this is generally considered acceptable (again this may be detailed in the AST so do check the agreement)

If a tenant moves out leaving the keys behind so effectively ‘giving up possession’ then a landlord can enter the property with an independent witness and using their own key. The rules are complex and we would always recommend taking legal advice before taking action.

If a landlord has gone through the correct procedures to evict a tenant from their property then they are able to enter your property with a bailiff if they have:

  • Given you written notice that you must leave the property
  • Has taken you to court and
  • Arrives with a bailiff (only a bailiff can evict you) with a valid court warrant.

ASL locksmiths provide a Bailiff support service – entering a property with a bailiff and securing it as necessary to protect the property.

If you are a tenant or landlord and would like further advice about securing your property please call ASL Locksmith and Security Solutions.

We can supply and fit door and window locks as well as make any repairs to the property to ensure it is secure and that a tenant cannot re-enter the property without permission.

Repossession locksmith

Providing you have obtained a warrant of possession from the Brighton county court. After detailed communication we make a risk assessment of the job. We assist in gaining entry under time pressure and always carry heavy entry tools as a last resort. We then secure your property with new locks and hand over the keys. We work alongside our sister company LBP Locksmiths Brighton for repossession work. We have a successful track record working with solicitors in Brighton.

Rental property work areas:

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