For this locksmithing job, we were called by a client to remove their steering wheel lock after they lost the key to it.

The car wheel lock is a Disklok, top rated for its tamper proof features and patented design The Disklok stops the wheel from turning, making it impossible to drive should a thief try and providing extra security and an effective visible deterrent.

Within five minutes, we were able to disable and remove the steering wheel lock and a very happy customer was able to continue with their journey.

With our extensive experience and locksmithing tools, we are capable of helping you remove locks and replace them without damaging your vehicle or property. Take a look at our other projects here. Got questions or need help with lock removal or installations? Feel free to give us a call today.

Disabling a Disklok steering wheel lock

Successful removal of Disklok steering wheel lock

Lock portion of Disklok steering wheel lock