Nightlatch Replacement Work

ASL Locksmiths braved the cold this week to upgrade a customer’s front door lock in Brighton.

The team replaced the client’s old Yale P1 nightlatch with a Yale PBS1 in polished chrome. This new nightlatch is British standard and insurance-approved. As thanks for their efforts, the customer offered the team a warm cup of coffee.

Our customers’ great feedback has always driven us to do even better. Our repair services use only quality grade parts to ensure your building’s security. We offer repair and installation services for locks, uPVC doors and windows, cases of emergency lockouts, and more. See more of our locksmithing projects here or give us a call for more information.

Old lock

New lock

newly replaced door lock

Old nightlatch lock

Newly replaced nightlatch lock

Warm cup of coffee


ASL Locksmiths received an emergency call for a commercial property down West Street in Brighton. The company’s main entrance door had been attacked in an attempted break-in, resulting in damage to the lock casing. The breakage meant the door could not be locked.

The original lock, now damaged was an item that was no longer in stock. For a replacement, it would have had to be ordered and would have taken several days to arrive. We took urgent action to the door the same day, carefully dismantling the broken lock case without adding further damages to it.

After we have identified the broken part, we made the necessary repairs then rebuilt the unit on site. We refitted and tested the lock and soon it was back to operating smoothly. The property was left secure for our customer.

Depending on the client’s needs or requests, we do a wide variety of security services like burglary repairs, repairs to locks, UPVC doors and windows, lock installations, emergency lockouts, and more. See more of our locksmithing projects or give us a call for more information.

Door lock repair

damaged spare part

damaged lock

damaged lock

Emergency Lock Repair


ASL Locksmiths attended a client’s property in Lewes to help fix a snapped key in their front door lock. Upon inspecting the lock, we found that the barrel had failed mechanically, causing the key to jam and then break off.

We supplied and fitted a very high security Diamond grade 3 star insurance rated Euro cylinder barrel with 5 keys.

This high security lock is designed to safeguard the door from forced attacks. The protection works with the cylinder having been engineered to have a sacrificial point, which when tampered from the outside, sets an interlocking cam mechanism into action. This prevents any damage to the internal parts of the cylinder, while still allowing access on the lock from the inside.

Holding one of the highest possible security certifications, this lock ensures our customer’s property is safe and secure. It also comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

You can give us a call for immediate security solutions such as lock repairs and changes as well as installations, and service emergency lockouts. Take a look at the extensive locksmith projects we’ve done here.

Damaged Barrel Lock


Barrel lock installation

Internal-Door-Lock 1

ASL Locksmiths attended a property in Saltdean for the installation of internal door locks, latches, and matching premium quality handles on their timber door.

We supplied and fitted Perry Shield sash locks, perfect for internal doors. These locks comply with BS EN 12209 and are CE marked and CERTIFIRE approved. We also added latches and handles all in matching chrome polish for a sophisticated look that matches the client’s white timber door.

ASL Locksmiths can help you with a wide variety of service solutions such as lock installations and repairs, UPVC window and door repairs, child safety locks and garden locks, and service emergency lockout. Call us today.


lock installation for internal door

New lock installation



key customisation

ASL Locksmiths were called to install locks in a home in Brighton and Hove.

We supplied and fitted a freshfit British Standards insurance approved locks: a nightlatch and a Certifire rated thumbturn deadlock.The ERA High Security nightlatch we used is perfect for protecting front doors with its automatic deadlocking that prevents the extended bolt from being retracted by credit cards.

The deadlock has a Certifire certification which is an internal mark of fire safety across different passive fire products.

As per the customer’s request, we hand pinned both locks, so the same key can be used. An added convenience with high security.

Let’s help you protect your home or commercial properties according to your needs and budget. Give us a call and we’ll respond promptly.

key customisation for a client in Brighton and Hove

thumbturn lock

 Insurance approved lock change

ASL Locksmiths and JJ Locksmiths vans

ASL Locksmiths and J&J Locksmiths collaborated to fit multiple freshfit Euro operated sashlocks to a property at the Brighton Marina. The job was especially challenging as the doors were made of wood with plastic laminate coating, a delicate material prone to cracking.

Our experts carefully installed the locks to a very high standard, leaving a clean and safe flush fitting as observed from our before and after pictures.

Do you need help with lock installations, repairs, or other security solutions? ASL Locksmiths have worked with numerous locksmithing projects and can help you secure your property in the safest way possible. You can give us a call and we’ll respond promptly.

ASL Locksmiths and JJ Locksmiths vans

locksmith expert

door with plastic laminate coating

lock installation

measuring door lock parameters

door lock

door lock

lock installation

after lock installation

Barrell replacement

ASL locksmiths were called by a customer in Brighton who had lost their keys. We installed a replacement lock part.

ASL fitted a new Ingersoll barrel. Replacement parts make sense for the environment and keep costs down. Ingersoll design has an ultra hardened top to resist drilling. They use a 10-lever, high security cylinder system to ensure long-lasting security and durability that lasts for years.

Our locksmiths recommend Ingersoll products. Originally designed in Britain by Jack W. Taylor. Ideas for the 10 cylinder lock were reportedly formed in 1944.

History of Ingersoll

The Ingersoll lock manufacturing is now made by a Swedish company ASSA ABLOY

who concentrate on high quality mechanical security products as part of their global product range. We only source directly from Ingersoll to ensure that we only have 100% genuine parts. Because Ingersoll locks have been existing for so long, there are many counterfeit and imitation products. But nothing beats the time-tested security of a genuine Ingersoll.

If you need lock repairs, maintenance, replacements, and other services, we are only one call away.

Barrell spare part

barrell spare part 2

ingersoll barrell


MPL mechanism

ASL locksmiths were called to attend a Brighton property to supply and fit a Yale multi point locking unit (MPL) for a UPVC door.

Once corrosion & rust has spread often causes the locking points to fail, so we retrofitted it with a new multi point locking unit, installed an ISEO barrel, a satin handle and full length brand new strikes to keep the frame secured at multiple points. The result is a robust, almost like new UPVC door.

If you need repairs, installation, or replacement for your UPVC doors, windows or double glazing? You’re at the right place, ASL locksmiths have complete many UPVC jobs and can help you secure your property. Repairs are better for the environment. For a fast response call or contact us.

brand new strike

MPL mechanism


Brighton property

multipoint lock mechanism

fire door closer

ASL locksmiths were called out to repair a fire door bar at a commercial property in Brighton.
We supplied and fitted a Briton push bar to replace the failed unit. This model promotes immediate exit in case of an emergency while providing security against unwanted entry. Suited for double doors and public use.

According to section 6 of Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022: fire door guidance, if the top storey of a building is above 11m in height the responsible person must:

  • use best endeavours to check all flat entrance fire doors at least every 12 months; and
  • carry out checks of any fire doors in communal areas at least every 3 months.

Learn more about the Government legislation for checking fire doors. Not sure if your fire door bars are still working properly? Or needing a new installation for fire exit mechanisms? We are only a call away. Check out our previous fire door closer jobs.

lock mechanism exposed

Fire door closer

fire exit

fire door mechanism

chrome patio door handle

It’s a patio door day for ASL locksmiths. Our first task was to install new handles for a sliding patio door in Saltdean. We supplied and fitted new and high-quality chrome polished handles with locks. The result is a stylish and secure lock for the customer’s sliding patio door.

For the second property, we dismantled and serviced a rusting Union 3 level sashlock for another client’s patio door. We also supplied and fitted a brand new brass 5 lever British Standards insurance approved deadlock, with anti pick & anti drill features.

Are you gearing up to maximise your property’s security? ASL locksmiths can assist you with a variety of security solutions, from door handle repairs and lock installations to door installations, repossessions and more. Let us help you today. Give us a call and we guarantee a prompt response.

chrome patio door handle

chrome polished door handle

locksmithing tools

rusting lock

rusting old lock

new lock

key inside lock

ASEC lock

3 lever mortice sash lock change

One of ASL Locksmiths Brighton’s jobs was at a home in Lewes to upgrade the security of their interior door. We installed a Union 2077 3 lever mortice sashlock, which is built for wood doors up to 54mm thick. Featuring a brass deadbolt with hardened steel, this model also has an easily reversible latch, which means it can be installed in either a left or right hinged door.

3 lever mechanism sash locks offer an ample amount of privacy where high security is not needed, making them ideal for interior doors in homes like bedrooms and storage rooms. With fewer levers than the 5 lever locks, these keys are relatively easier to duplicate.


3 lever mortice sash lock change


Do you want to upgrade your lock that’s best for your door and budget? Talk with the experts directly. We are not a call centre or chain. We focus on excellent customer service, long-lasting solutions and offer parts replacement or conversion where feasible to repair / reuse / recycle which is better for the environment.

ASL locksmiths have had a busy day with multiple jobs, we love solving problems. In the image is Jake from J & J Locksmiths who helps us out occasionally on big jobs. Our scheduled locksmith work included:

  • UPVC door repairs – We repaired multiple UPVC doors, making sure the handles and frames fit snugly and are working properly
  • Lock replacement – We upgraded a wood front door’s security by replacing its original Union 3G110 lock with a quality APECS LX5 detainer level deadlock complete with BSI Kitemark. Safe from lockpicking and offers long-lasting durability, this APECS lock is highly suitable for use in both residential and commercial wood doors.
  • Lock installation – We also installed diamond 3 star APECS Euro cylinders which offers maximum protection. This lock is anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-bump and has a double locking mechanism with additional track rail pins.

Level up your home or commercial property’s security now. For no obligation quotes, call or WhatsApp Jon on 07878 558458.

lock change

lock change

ASL locksmiths

ASL locksmiths lock change

lock change by ASL locksmiths

UPVC repair