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Deadbolt Lock Installation in Brighton

Our team went to a home in Brighton and installed fresh fit Union strongbolt deadlocks. We supplied two keyed alike deadbolt locks to be operated by the same key for user convenience.

The Union strongbolt deadlock we used is kitemarked to British Standard 3621:2007 and approved for high security applications. It is anti-pick and is equipped with hardened steel pins to prevent attacks from sawing. This lock also features a chamfered bold design that increases the durability of the lock.

Deadbolt locks are ideal for high-security solutions, thanks to their unique lock mechanism. A deadbolt lock works without spring and can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder using a key or knob turn. This makes it anti-pick, unlike spring pin lock mechanisms.

Compared to standard locks, deadbolt locks:

  • Offer stronger resistance and cannot be pried with crowbars and lock picking tools
  • Have a unique lock mechanism, making them sturdy against forceful physical attacks
  • Are challenging and time-consuming to break so burglars would think twice about breaking in or else they’ll be caught in time

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deadbolt lock fresh fit

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deadlock fresh fit