peaceful repossession by asl locksmiths

Commercial Forfeiture Repossession in Brighton and Hove

ASL Locksmiths attended an early morning court ordered commercial forfeiture at a property in Brighton & Hove.

Upon gaining entry, we supplied and fitted two strong 3-star platinum APECS barrels, perfect for emergency situations. They bear a BSI 3 star Kitemark, are fire compliant, anti-pick and anti-drill. A high quality lock suitable for securing the property from trespassers. We also supplied dimple keys which are more challenging to tamper with than a standard pick.

A landlord can exercise a right to end the lease and take back possession of a property if the tenant has breached the terms of their lease. It’s prudent to prevent potential damage by discreetly securing the building.

ASL Locksmiths are highly experienced with keeping rental and commercial properties safe with locks that prioritise particular security needs.

peaceful repossession by asl locksmiths

old lock

repossession by asl locksmiths

3-star platinum APECS barrel

commercial repossession

newly-installed lock